A proposal for the removal of the potential for genderrace connotation in some words in the english

It is definitely active [2] and potentially very useful. There are so many of these words that I don't think a seperate table in the same page will do.

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Maybe you mean "trunk", the area in back for storage. I would be interested to understand the criterion or criteria by which you would categorise a word as slang or not. The word has two different spellings in British English, valid for different meanings, but only one in American English.

They can appear one above the other. Support closure, in the context of a larger pairing back of non-language Wikipedias. The VfD at present looks to be inclining towards not splitting the article. Their content should depend on their aim, and ours is different but well-defined.

Still another option would be to construct a new hyphenated group-name for each of these genera, which may not be worth the bother, given the small number of species 3 and 2 respectively involved.

They are still entitled to the courtesy title of "Doctor", however. Probably all of these apply.

Sociolinguistics Essay Examples

Syrup is certainly English. Back to the point though, I think we should have only correct OED dictionary definitions in here some slang terms are included in such dictionaries. Unless simple is somehow harmful, leave it alone.

I would certainly support removal of any words that are unlikely to be understood by a majority of native British English speakers. If the word is used and is used outside one very specific area then it should be included.

The main problem is it does not yet have enough words, so I am going back to add some more now. They are worn to protect the rider of the bike or horse in case of a spill.

Furthermore, where proficient speakers of English use lists of synonyms and antonyms usually to move from a simple concept to a more precise word that is avoiding their grasp, learners of English use such lists more to help understand and solidify the understanding of the word.

I was brought up in Cornwall, a long, long way away from either area and in which, incidentally, the equivalent term is "my lover", used indiscriminately and with no sexual connotation.

The plain fact of the matter is in ordinary everyday usage very few people in the UK would use the word "syrup" in preference to the word wig even if they are familiar with its use.

We don't do that any more, but the emphasis meaning has remained. Maybe you mean "trunk", the area in back for storage. I bet you I was the first human I opened quite a few of them to browse through their printed contents. Talkautomation script My position is that we should include the more common slang and dialect terms, simply as they are likely to turn up in media that either non-British English or non-American English speaking people are routinely commonly.

Tello and Bates found that Lophotriccus was paraphyletic with respect to Oncostoma, and that Hemitriccus was paraphyletic with respect to Lophotriccus, Oncostoma and Atalotriccus.

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In opposite and approximately equal contrast, most people I know would know of it, and even use it in a jocular fashion. My argument is that, to me, "syrup" meaning wig is part of Cockney rhyming slang and not British English.

Of course, there are times when no admins are available to catch it, but rarely does any vandalism survive a day. Google for "syrup wig", and see there are many entries for that usage. It's an unnecessary complication and would lead to too many arguments. I understand your argument, but I hope you can see what I'm saying too.

Someone later kindly reorganised them. I come here to learn as well as to contribute. Another possibility is transferring all Simple English projects to their own domain inside Wikimedia and bonding it with the en. If there is no improvement in the status of the project for a long time, I would suggest closure--but not now.

I don't come from London, and I've always known that 'syrup' can mean 'wig'. You seem to have mis-interpreted my comment and taken offence.

Syrup I dispute that this is a "common british term" for wig. Personally, given that the absence of a hyphenated group-name frees us from the constraint of making such a change, I would prefer to leave the bentbills alone.

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The modern-day connotation of the word ‘noise’ is “irrelevant or meaningless data” as is apparent from its usage in the field of Computer Science. For example, the noise of the traffic around a school obstructs the smooth flow of information between the teacher and the students.

what gender is, or what race is; it is up to us to decide what in the world, if anything, they are. This essay pursues an analytical approach to defining race and gender. There is also potential for studying the a djacent Ashburton valley, where sampling for 10 Be dating has been carried out, but this is still tentative (G.

Denton, personal correspondence). For these reasons, the Cameron site is the most promising candidate for my study. The result of the following proposal for closing a WMF project is to KEEP the project. Please, do not modify this page.

Proposals for closing projects/Closure of Simple English Wiktionary (2)

support. I respect and admire the great work people are doing there. But having two English Wiktionaries is too much redundance. In an Wiktionary the definition should be short and. Start studying English 12 A Part 3. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

These words may be removed from some dictionaries — find out why, and if you agree A proposal for the removal of the potential for genderrace connotation in some words in the english
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